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The following questions are about the business:

* Company Name

* Business Sector / Industry

Please note that, unfortunately, we are unable to support companies which fall within the following business sectors:

 Fishery and Aquaculture



 Steel and Shipbuilding

 Synthetic Fibres

 State Funded Education and Health

 Banking and Insurance

* What is the main business activity ?

Please provide the business trading address in the fields below:

* Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3

* Town or City

* County

* Post Code

* Has your business been registered at a different address to the one provided above ?


Reason for different address

Please provide a brief explanation of why your registered business address is different to the Trading Address

If the above address is NOT the registered business address please provide this below:

Alt Registered Address Line 1

Alt Registered Address Line 2

Alt Registered Address Line 3

Alt Registered Address Town/City

Alt Registered Address County

Alt Registered Address Post Code

Business Website Address

* Business Phone Number

* Company Registration Number or HMRC UTR Number

* Trading status


Please note:  A CIC is a Community Interest Company

* Is the business VAT registered ?


VAT Number - If VAT Registered

* Business Start Date

Please provide the total Years and Months the business has been trading in the separate boxes below (e.g. 10 Years & 5 Months)

* How long has the business been Trading ?

* Does your business have any Partner companies ?


Please note: A company is a partner, if it has a holding equal to, or greater than, 25% (but less than 50%) of the ownership, capital, or voting rights in another company, and/or another company has a holding equal to or greater than 25% (but less than 50%) in the company in question.

* Does the business have any Linked companies ?


Two or more companies are linked when they have any of the following relationships:

  • - One company holds a majority of the shareholders’ or members’ voting rights in another.
  • One company is entitled to appoint or remove a majority of the administrative, management or supervisory body of another
  • A contract between the companies, or a provision in the memorandum or articles of association of one of the companies, enables one to exercise a dominant influence over the other
  • One company is able, by agreement, to exercise sole control over a majority of shareholders’ or members’ voting rights in another.

A typical example of a linked company is the wholly owned subsidiary.

* Balance sheet total for the business? - THIS MUST BE LESS THAN €43 MILLION

Your balance-sheet total is the total of fixed and current assets before deduction of current and long-term liabilities. It probably shows as ‘Total Net Assets (Liabilities)’ on your tax return.

* What was the Turnover of the business in the last Financial Year ? - MUST BE LESS THAN €50 MILLION

* What was the R&D spend of the business in the last complete Financial Year ? (if applicable)

This is any money spent on researching and / or developing new products or services, either new to the business or to the marketplace.

* How many people (FTE's) does the business employ ? - MUST BE LESS THAN 250 IN TOTAL - ENTER NUMBERS ONLY

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is the hourly equivalent of a full-time staff member – which for the SEBB Programme is classified as 36 hours or more per week. 

Directors of limited companies should be counted as FTEs’

Any staff member working 36 hours or more = 1 FTE

For any staff member working less than 36 hours, the calculation is: hours per week / 36 = FTE

Please note that only staff that are directly employed by the business should be included and therefore self-employed contracted staff should not be included in this calculation.

If, for example, a business has 2 members of staff each working 18 hours per week, then the FTE would be 1.

* How many jobs are currently at risk ?

We will also need to understand if any FTE employee roles are currently deemed “at risk” in your company and if so, please confirm how many.

If there are any jobs currently at risk, please let us know how many. If no jobs are at risk, please enter ‘0’

How many Product or Process Innovations has the business implemented in the last 3 Financial Years ? (if applicable) - ENTER NUMBERS ONLY

How many new products or services have you introduced within the last 3 financial years? These do not have to be new to the market, but they do need to be new for your company.


* Has the business received any 'de-minimus' state aid including EU Funding/ERDF support in the last 3 years ? - THIS MUST BE LESS THAN €200,000 IN LAST 3 FISCAL YEARS


Please click ‘Yes’ if you have received any Government funding in the last 3 years.

This could be grants, free workshops, one to one business mentoring, Government backed loans.

Basically any business support that has been funded in any way by any Government organisation.

What support does the business require to enable it to grow ? (Please select one or more of the options below)

What support does the business require to enable it to grow ? - Please select one or more of the options below:

General Business Advice

Finance Advice

Business Strategy Help

Product or Service development help

Help with getting business online

Business Direction Help

Help with adapting the business

Help with re-evaluating the business

Help with Digital & Social Media

Help with selling

Other help - please complete the box below with short description

Describe the 'Other Help' required

The following questions are about you, as an individual:

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* What is your Ethnicity ?


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* Do you have any disability ?


* How did you hear about the SEBB Programme ?


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